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Regional Water Group

The Regional Water Group was founded in 2008 to supply potable water services to both existing and new community developments in all quadrants surrounding the City of Calgary. Our plan is to incorporate water utility pipelines and infrastructure, and providing support opportunities within the land development functions.

Our objectives are based on the the value of the water licenses through a number potential opportunities including:

  • construction of infrastructure (pipelines, water treatment facilities and delivery systems) to meet the needs of existing areas and to enable the development of new communities and business centres;
  • identifying prospective lands and opportunities for future development partnerships;
  • entering joint ventures with other developers to complete existing development projects in need of water resources.

Our intention is to always conduct business with a high level of integrity, and our management strives to:

  • support leading practices for sustainable development (environmental, economic, social, and cultural benefits);
  • demonstrate leading and efficient practices for water use, conservation and recycling;
  • demonstrate innovative and effective operating policies, processes and practices;

Regional Water Group Manhole Cover
Regional Water Group Morraine Lake Banner

Our Mission

To become the predominant water supplier partner of the greater Calgary region through delivering excellence and efficiency in utility solutions.

Regional Water Group Canoes at the Lake Banner

Our Mandate

To be responsible for the implementation of private infrastructure and utility services in the Area, in order to achieve optimal financial and community value for privately owned land.

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Our Objectives

To use its existing assets and management experience as a catalyst for capturing development.  These opportunities will be realized through the achievement of our objectives.


Our roots are embedded in real estate development, community planning, construction and water servicing operations in the greater Calgary area Guided by an experienced and proven management team and benefiting from significant competitive advantages. We strive to create multiple centres relating to land, development, water and infrastructure. Each arm will thrive as we implement our strategy for Growth of Regional Integrated Developments and Services, or the GRIDS strategy.

G – Growth of

R – Regional

I  – Integrated

D – Developments and

S – Services

Regional Water Group Water Pipe

Through GRIDS, we seek to expand from its current asset base to a larger portfolio of land holdings, community, commercial and industrial developments and water utility infrastructure throughout the Calgary area. Not only are we proposing to be the regional water services provider for the area, but we intend to be at the forefront of the development of the major growth corridors of the region. It is the intention of the Partnership to recognize, encourage and capture many of the opportunities available.

We will organize and implement a regional water servicing system in the area, thus providing a water servicing solution for numerous regions surrounding Calgary. These solutions are expected to create a platform from which we will achieve a stronghold for proprietary land developments that will guide and foster the growth of the regional economy and population. The demand for a regional water servicing and development strategy has been amplified by the amount of growth of the region in recent years. Ultimately, the imminent ongoing growth in the Calgary and surrounding area will drive the GRIDS plan through multiple stages, over many years.


World's Fresh Water

Canada has about 20-25% of the world’s fresh water supply.


Canada's Water Usage

Canada uses the 2nd most water of the 29 OECD members – per capita water consumption is 65% above the OCED average.


Canada's Water Supply

Alberta has only 2% of Canada’s fresh water supply, most of which is in the North.


AB's Water Supply

The south Saskatchewan River Basin accounts for 58% of all allocated water in Alberta.

The Business of Regional Water Group

The Business of the Regional Water Group focuses on two primary functions: Water Service Infrastructure and Creating Strategic Alliances in Land Development.

Regional Water Group Bow Valley
Land Development

Our goal is to create strategic alliances in land development as an excellent way for us to leverage their water licence holdings. Raw land is developed to meet the growing needs of society.  It is converted from undivided agricultural land to developed land through the addition of infrastructure and services necessary for the land to meet the residential, commercial and industrial needs of a community, such as water, power, heat/gas, cable/telephone, and infrastructure including roads, sidewalks, streetlights, sewers and pipelines.

Water Service Infrastructure

Prior to being granted an approval to begin to work on the land, a developer must demonstrate the ability to complete the project with the required services and infrastructure. As a result of the recent Moratorium, there have been a number of real estate developments that have been denied approval due to a lack of water resources. RWELP is in the enviable position of owning abundant water licences. The general process of getting water to a development is as follows:

  • Mountain watersheds drain massive amounts of water into Alberta’s lakes, rivers and streams.
  • From these rivers, water intake stations pump water to the water treatment plants where it undergoes an extensive treatment process.
  • A pipeline distribution system supplies the clean water throughout the community.
Water Efficiencies and Technology

The use of proven technology and conservation practices can potentially double the utilization of an acre foot of water.  There are many forms of water use technology presently being used throughout North America that have not been either considered or implemented in Alberta.  Water recycling and efficiencies provide a two fold advantage. Firstly, they reduce water consumption which effectively increases the total volume of water available. Secondly, they can minimize the requirement for treated effluent storage, if used for purposes other than irrigation. In all, more people can be serviced by an efficient regional system using the same volume of water.

Contact Regional Water Group

We would love to hear from you with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.  Please take a few minutes and send us your message.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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